“Living Well With Bowenwork” WOW! I am now living well thanks to Janet and her gift of the Bowenwork technique. I have known Janet for over 20 years and the moment she told me she was pursuing a career doing Bowenwork I knew this was perfect for her. Janet’s gift of giving and soulful desire to help others “live well” is beyond prevalent in her Bowenwork. She has found her passion.

I have struggled for years with the discomfort of lower back issues, related to Degenerative Disc Disease and muscle discomfort due to compensation while standing. Over the years, it became increasingly hard to stand for long periods of time with relief only occurring once I sat down. I used to take muscle relaxers and Ibuprofen to alleviate the discomfort.

Every time she works on me I can physically feel the ease in my spinal tension, my muscles awaken and my circulation re-activates. It is a gentle yet invigorating experience. I have not had to use any pain relief medications since I have been having Bowenwork sessions with Janet. I can stand for hours at a time without having to think about sitting down. Knowing Janet for so many years, I have had the opportunity to become well-educated on all that Bowenwork has to offer. The healing opportunities are endless. Janet’s natural gift in the Bowenwork technique is an amazing, comforting and rejuvenating experience. Thank you Janet, for your cherished friendship and being a beautiful example of giving to others.

—Kristin T. , Penryn, CA

Back in the 70’s running was the rage, so like many others I got hooked. Long story short, I blew out my left knee and had to stop running. After a while, I took up cycling but that too left me with pain in my knees. Then I heard about Bowenwork. I wasn’t sure what it was about or if it could help me with my problems, but I was willing to give it a try.

Janet Craft was so patient explaining everything to me. She spent time getting my medical history and the reason I came to see her. I have Fibromyalgia which means there are many issues concerning my health. After the 1st treatment, I felt relaxed but wondered how such small movements could have an impact? Well, after my 2nd treatment I felt the difference. After the 3rd treatment, my knees no longer hurt. I couldn’t believe it, after all these years my knees were pain free.

I now am running and cycling again without pain. Now if anything even starts to give me trouble, I just go get a “tune-up” from Janet and I’m back on track.

—AJ, Roseville, CA

I am a hair stylist and have a lot of neck and shoulder pain from my arms being up all day while I am working. In the past, I found that the only treatment that seemed to help was deep tissue massage but only when I got them on a consistent basis. When I first heard about Bowenwork, I thought I would try it but wasn’t quite sure how it worked. During my first session, I became very relaxed but was still curious what these gentle, small moves would do for me in the long run. After the second session, I was AMAZED at how good I felt. It was as if I had a new body and my neck felt better than it ever did after getting a massage. I am hooked! It has changed my body, I stand up straighter and have less tension and headaches. I recommend Bowenwork to all of my friends and clients. I feel so much better, I love it!

—Heather R. , Roseville, CA

Before coming to see Janet for Bowenwork, I had constant pain from sciatica. My thought was this was something I was going to have to live with as I got older. All other types of therapy that I tried didn’t work. Sitting, standing, lying down and walking were all painful. After having Bowenwork done the pain gradually began to ease, to the extent, that after a few sessions, I have been able to space out when I need to come back for Bowenwork. I have periods of time now that I am pain-free. I don’t understand exactly how Bowen works – but it does. Thanks Janet!

—Steve P. Auburn, CA

I came to see Janet at Living Well With Bowenwork for an acute injury to my left shoulder. I jammed my golf club into the ground during a swing and strained some muscles. It took only three sessions, each, one week apart, and I became pain-free. I was able to get back to playing golf, a game I enjoy. Janet is a true professional and passionate about Bowenwork. I highly recommend her services and I would not hesitate in seeking her care for any ailments in the future.

—Jeff P. Grateful client in Loomis, CA

I had forgotten how it felt to feel well…

I had suffered from neck pain and chronic headaches since the late 80’s after two car accidents. Two and a half years ago, I experienced complications from a surgical procedure which left me with a constant ache in my mid-section. The doctors told me I had Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS). It seemed like I hurt all the time. I forgot how to smile. I tried acupuncture which gave me some relief but the pain always came back. I tried the chiropractor which helped a lot but not for long periods of time.

My youngest daughter was experiencing great relief from migraines after going to see Janet for Bowenwork. She gave me a gift certificate to Living Well With Bowenwork for 2 sessions for Mother’s Day. It turned out to be the most amazing gift I have ever received. The first thing to heal after having Bowenwork done was the pain in my mid-section. I can honestly say I have not had pain in that area since my second session. I am not having any of the symptoms that usually accompany IBS; no sudden runs to the restroom and no heartburn. The next thing to clear up and not return was the cluster headaches and the dull pre-headache feeling that I had for so many years.

I used to feel like there was a steel rod down the right side of my neck and as my neck got tighter it would cause the headaches to get more intense. Now when I’m under stress I get some tightness in my neck but it doesn’t cause the headaches like before or the feeling of having a steel rod on the right side of my neck. My neck is probably 98% back to normal.

Before having Bowenwork done, I was feeling so much older because of all the health conditions I was dealing with on a daily basis. Now I have more energy, I’m not just making it through the” have-to dos” and coming home and collapsing. My posture is better and I’m back at the gym. My husband says my smile is back!

I don’t think there are adequate words to express my gratitude to Janet and the Bowen technique. If anyone had told me I would feel this good again, I would not have believed it was possible. Anyone who gives this a try will be amazed at the results. It is important to follow the directions that are given to you but it sure pays off in the long run. I will have my body maintained by Bowenwork for the rest of my life. Thank you so much! God Bless!

—Sherri B. Auburn, CA

I have had migraines since I was 16 years old and have tried a variety of medications that have taken the edge off but never stopped the pain completely. For the past 22 years, every month for 3 days I have suffered from migraines. If I am under stress I end up getting them 2-3 times a month. This year I was planning my wedding, a joyous occasion but stressful to plan. I got a migraine that lasted 5 days. Once it was gone I continued to have shooting pain and cluster headaches that eventually caused the right side of my face to go numb. When I saw my doctor she told me that it was stress and I needed to go do something relaxing to release the tension in my shoulders, neck and head. A co-worker suggested I go see Janet for Bowenwork as it had helped her. After the 1st session, my shoulders and neck were more relaxed and the shooting pain in my head was greatly reduced. I saw her a week later for a 2nd session. Afterwards, I barely felt any tension in my neck and shoulders and the pain in my head was gone.

Since I have been having Bowenwork done, I have only had 2 migraines in 7 months and they were not as extreme as they use to be. I see Janet every 4-6 weeks for my migraines and when I start to have tension built up in my neck, shoulders and back. I used to go to a chiropractor for my back but have found Bowenwork helps with both my migraines and my back so she is able to address both issues at one time. I would recommend Janet and Bowenwork to anyone who suffers from migraines or tension headaches.

—Andi J., Folsom, CA