Gentle Technique, Significant Results.
My goal is to assist in maximizing your potential for better health & quality of life.
Discover firsthand how Bowenwork can help you
About Bowenwork

Bowenwork is a gentle, soft tissue technique that can help assist the body in healing itself from a variety of health conditions.
Known as Bowtech outside of the United States, it was developed by Australian Thomas Bowen beginning in the 1950’s. It is a non-invasive technique that uses gentle touch rather than strong manipulation.

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Janet Craft

Professional Bowenwork Practitioner
CMP #31448
1230 High St. Ste 121
Auburn, CA 95603

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About Me

I’m Janet Craft, the owner of Living Well with Bowenwork and one of the technique’s success stories. I learned about Bowenwork after a long battle with sciatica that conventional treatments failed to correct.
I invite you to make an appointment and discover firsthand how the Bowen technique can assist your body in healing itself.

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